How to become a service dog trainer

A service dog is a really helpful companion for disabled people. They help the handler’s life easier and also be their friends. And if you want a service dog, you would probably need a trainer to help you out.


What do service dog trainers do?

Service dog trainers teach dogs how to assist people with disabilities in daily life. The things that the person couldn’t do it by themselves, the service dogs will do it for them. Some of the most common tasks are guiding, hearing and medical alert service dogs. Service dog trainer must have a good physical condition because they will have to work with dogs in various types and sizes.


What are their duties?

The service dog trainers not only teach dogs to assist disabled people in their daily life but also teach dogs how to behave. Service dog trainers help strengthen the bonds between the handlers and the dogs. They not just teach the dog but also show handlers how to control their service dog, how to give them commands such as walking or sitting. The trainer also teaches the dogs and handlers how to work together.

How to become a service dog trainer?

If you want to become a service dog trainer, you need to have a deep affection for dogs. Don’t waste your time trying to become a trainer if you don’t love dogs. And you need to have a serious attitude toward the path you have chosen. Because your job is to train dogs to help disabled people, the most vulnerable people in our society. And here is how you start to become a service dog trainer.

1.   Spend time working with dogs

This is the most common way for you to get experience working with dogs. Even if you have owned one or two dogs, these experiences are not enough. Volunteer your time in some local dog shelters or anywhere that has various breeds of dog so you can get more experience working with them. The more experience you have, the easier you will learn to become a service dog trainer.

2.   Search for online and offline training conferences or classes

You can find service dog training programs, classes or conferences in your local area. You can also find them online. You can look for courses about how to control dog’s behavior, temperament, and health care. Especially, courses about how to become a service dog trainer.

3.   Look for service dog training program.

Look for courses about how to become a service dog trainer. Depends on where you live, a certificate may require or not. So make sure the courses you choose meet those requirements. In these courses, you will be taught by an expert trainer. It usually takes about 4 years to learn this because you need to study a lot, such as training dog, teach the handler and more.

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It will take a lot of time and effort but you need to keep trying. A job where you can work with the animal you love and help the unfortunate people in our society is waiting for you.


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