Diffent kinds of reverb pedals


Reverb is one of the earliest audio effect which is created by all of the reflections of sound waves within an enclosed room such as a stone cathedral, a dancing ball room, a class room or a concert hall.

Nowadays, together with the development of audio technology, guitarists can easily bring the wonderful reverb effect into their tones with the help of a reverb pedal. TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb is probably the best reverb pedal on the market. The quality comes with the price which is around 130$ listed on Amazon.

The reverb pedal words very well in a small enclosed space because the small room itself can’t generate the reverberation effect. The bigger the room is, the more natural reverb will be generated.

A brief history about reverb pedal

In 1930s, recoreverb-pedalrding specialists desire to bring the sensation of the space into their audio record. Therefore, they started researching and working on a tool which can mimic such reflections of the sounds within an enclosed space.

The employees of Abby Road Studios located in London began a test regarding to reverb effect. He played back his audio signals within a small enclosed room which also has a big metallic plates. Abby Road Studios’ experiment is one of the first attempt on creating an artificial reverberation within an audio re

Nowadays, musicians can easily add the reverb effect in their audio record just by clicking some buttons on the computer with the rise of digital signal processors. For electric guitarists, the reverb pedal is their great tool in order to augment the spatial sensation for their audiences. (Read more)

Reverb pedal classification

There are many different spaces, therefore, there’s a lot of reverb kinds to imitate. That’s why the stompboxes producers will develop many algorithms which suits your needs. These algorithms can generate different kinds of reverberation which are the “hall”, the “room”, the “plate”, the “reverb w/modulation and finally the “reverse”. Below you will find the general descriptions of these algorithms.

1.    The Hall algorithm:

Reverb created within a long and narrow corridor is named the “Hall”. Therefore, this kind of reverb often has long sounding decays. This algorithm is the most popular among these aforementioned algorithms.

2.    The Room algorithm:

This algorithm mimics the sonic reflections within a room and therefore, the sounding decays will be shorter. Musicians use this algorithm with the aim of generating the studio room vibe together with your original tone.

3.    The Shimmer algorithm:

The famous guitarist “The Edge” is the creator of this effect. To be able to do that, the guitarist had to use an Eventide H30000 rack processor, then, he added a full on octave up to a hall reverb.

4.    The Reverb W/Modulation algorithms:

This algorithms bring a new breeze to the old school reverb effect. Those modulation options are chorus, flanger, tremolo and phasers.

5.    The Reverse algorithms;

This algorithm is very cool and weird because it helps musicians to reverse a basic hall reverb.



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