Why drill press is a must-have tool for every woodworker?

best-drill-pressIn order to drill holes in pieces of wood which is one of the most common skills that a woodworker has to perform everyday, they will need a proper good tool. Most of woodworkers choose a hand drill in order to finish this task. However, beside its advantages such as low cost, small required place for storage, a manual tool has some obvious weaknesses such as their less accuracy and lots of efforts (time, energy) needed to drill the holes. In order to solve the weak sides of the hand drills, scientists have invented the drill press aka pedestal drill, pillar drill or bench drill. Although a drill hole will take more space for storage, it will save lot of time and increase the accuracy for woodworkers drilling process. Via this article, we hope to help you find the best drill press for your needs.

Drill press increase accuracy of drilling process

Accuracy is one of the most important factors in wood design and execution. A press drill supports you to drill the holes of precise depths, widths and angles. This useful device also helps woodworker to firmly pin a piece of wood to your willing position with the help of a spindle. We can set a specific angle of the spindle in order to adjust the angle of the hole drilled. Some drill press also has a depth ruler with the aim of preventing the drill from sinking too deeply into the piece of wood. The best part is after setting up the drilling pattern, you can apply it on multiple different pieces of wood.

Drill press saves time and increase productivity

This wonderful device uses the electric energy to create forces in order to drill the hole so it will surely increase the productivity as well as boost your revenue. Therefore, purchasing a drill press is a worthy investment.

Drill press saves labors’ energy

Instead of wasting your energy in manual drilling, a drill press will use the power source in order to activate the rotation process. Drill a big hole is also an easy task with a large drill bit and the drill press.

This device also applies the leverage principle to generate power. With a rack-and-pinion lever, the chuck and the spindle is getting lower, facilitate drilling the piece of wood.

Drill press has many useful functionalities

As mentioned above, the drill press allows us to drill angled holes into a piece of wood. It requires a lot of time and effort in order to do that with a handheld drill. There are also other wonderful functionalities such as drilling the intricately wooden furniture details.

Drill press has many different uses

This device is not only used for drilling holes, but also for sanding with the help of a spindle sander. Drill press is also useful to drill holes into other materials such as metal or plastic… Additionally, we can use the drill press to bore squares or rectangles into a piece of wood with a mortiser.

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