What is a good pillow for side sleepers?


With time there are wide new variants and designs of pillows coming up in the market that are ideal for use. To ensure sound sleep and full comfort physicians often recommend the best of pillows, with so many brands and types of pillow sin the market selecting the best one can be confusing at time. The best pillows for side sleepers are basically the ones that are known to provide firm support for neck, head and shoulder so that you don’t feel strained while sleeping. Here are some of the popular and ideal pillow types that can be used as side sleepers.

Memory foam pillows

img_6202_0These are popular type of pillows that are ideal for side sleepers. The specialty of these pillows is that it is contour shaped and it helps in providing much support that helps you sleep comfortably on sides. The best thing about these pillows is that it never loses its shape and stays the same for long time. For at least two years you get that similar firmness and it will ensure sound sleep after tiring day. According to experts the contour feature makes these pillows the best for side sleepers. These sleepers also help in adjusting the body temperature as well as weight quite effectively.

Feather filled pillows

feather_down_fillingThese pillows are known to offer great support to the individual while sleeping. It is filled up of with all natural materials and its comfort level is much better than others. These feather filled pillows support head properly during sleep and it also increases facial circulation. Feather filled pillows also helps in eliminating all pressure points, one main reason why it is being favored as the best pillow for side sleepers. The only problem with this feather pillow is that it loses the shape after some time. Regular use may collapse the size, make sure you take necessary care.

Buckwheat pillows

Buckwheat pillows are popular and ideal side sleepers that are made up of natural material. The specialty f these pillows is that it is made up of hulls of buckwheat and it guarantees firmness as it never collapses like any other feather filled pillows. The problem with these pillows is that it can be bit heavy compared to other pillows in the market. These pillows can weight up to five pounds and provides full comfort. There are popular online portals where you can order these buckwheat pillows at affordable price.

Latex pillows


When it comes to side sleepers, latex pillows are the most popular one. With time its use and popularity I increasing as people from all around the world using it. Latex pillows offer necessary support from neck to head and it is worth a buy. The overall resistance of these pillows is better and is the main reason why it is an ideal choice for side sleepers. The only problem with these pillows is that the price may be high, so make sure you compare the price buy pillows that are within budget and suitable.

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