Learn About the Osmosis Water System

Why need to rinse several times with new water purifier before use:

The principle of operation of the water purifier is that after passing through the coarse filters and thoroughly treated in the filter, the water becomes completely pure and free from any harmful substances. However, filtration through the membrane filter is not yet the final filter stage of the machine as the water continues to be pushed through the other filters to completely absorb the color, smell in the water, resist water repellency and replenish it. Water beneficial micronutrients to protect and enhance the health of the user. Besides it, you can visit here for getting more information about best reverse osmosis water system

Basic infomation

When you first flush the water for the first time, you can see that there is black and brown coal dust in the water that comes out of the filter made from activated carbon. Water passing through this will create a washout flow and dust particles on the material that completely cleans the filter material in the core. Since the filter after the customer will never see the water again this phenomenon. So after installing the water purifier for the customer, the technique on manufacturers side always advises the customer to rinse 4 to 5 times the first drink should be to stabilize the output water quality to ensure.

Today’s water purifiers have a lot of products that use reverse osmosis technology – considered to be the advanced stage of today’s water purification technology. The technology has such outstanding features and breakthroughs thanks to the use of Dow Filmtec RO membrane; the quality has been verified by the National Institute of Food Safety Hygiene Laboratory of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. National Environmental Sanitation (USA).

RO membrane is made from special TFC material, stratified structure, tight twist. The membrane size is extremely sophisticated, creating a very small membrane filter with a filter size of 10-4 microns. It can remove up to 99.99% of dissolved solids, toxic chemicals such as dioxins. Ammonium, radioactive substances, lead, mercury, bacteria, viruses and colors, odors in the water to help users get pure, natural sweet water.

High demand for using from users

Learn About the Osmosis Water System

The need to use water filters in many cities is huge because of the water pollution and even the tap water of the plant but due to the process of moving the water pipe is broken leading to reverse osmosis chemicals. Learn health effects, including arsenic.

Arsenic is also an element in the human body, but only a small amount allows. Arsenic, which is a natural part of the earth’s crust, can be found in water, vegetables, food, and humans with a high concentration of micronutrients. This is a very poisonous substance, four times more toxic than mercury. When people are infected can affect the circulatory system, nervous system. A person with arsenic gradually, every day a little, depending on the level of health that can cause hair loss, nausea, weight loss, cancer, memory loss …

Also, the water is also contaminated with iron, other metals. That is why manufacturers of water purifiers have launched many water purification products. However, for a water purifier, one drawback is that it filters pure water as a distilled water.

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