Never buy an automatic cat feeder before reading this article


automatic-cat-feederThere are a wide variety of automatic cat litter boxes available on the market. Therefore, it’s not an easy task when choosing the best one for your beloved cat. Before reading any automatic cat litter box reviews on the Internet, just skim through this article to remember some important aspects and criteria that a good automatic litter box must fulfill.

An automatic cat litter box can not be totally automatic

Together with the development of technology, there are some computers and robots which can fully support some human activities. However, the automatic cat litter box still need human supervision.

It’s hard to explain and understand a species thoroughly. That’s why it’s almost impossible and super costly to code an automatic machine which can anticipate all of your cat’s behaviors. Scientists just design little cat boxes which deal with some basic scenarios that may come when a cat is doing his business. Therefore, the device will surely make some errors such as missing some clumps or excrement located at the box edges.

So please keep in mind that when you purchase an automatic cat litter box which doesn’t mean that you are totally free from cleaning your cat’s stinking waste. Sometimes, you will need to manually get rid of the excrement that sticks on the box edges, rakes, walls or lids; manually empty the feces storage bin, clean the floors, rarely disinfect the whole litter box.

Your cat’s style matters

In case your cat’s urination style is horizontal:


It’d better to purchase an automatic litter box with medium to high walls. There are some devices which feature domes as an entrance in order to satisfy your cat’s needs. The Litter Robot is also very comfortable for these cats.

Your cat loves digging

A good deep litter box or an enclosed one suits with this type of cat. You also need an obvious amount of litter for your cat to dig.

Your cat always does its business at a fixed spot

It will be an obstacle in case your cat does its business at the edge of the box.

How fine your cat is and how he eats does matter

A cat in a good health state will provide easy-collected waste. All of the litter box works fine when dealing with the waste of healthy cat. Otherwise, a cat which has health issues such as diabetes or urinary tract disease will produce the waste that a normal automatic litter box can’t deal with.

How much your cat eats and which types of food that it consumes also the must-considered aspects when choosing a litter box. If your cat overeats, the litter box will get trouble because of too much waste. If your cat eats the by-product food, they will produce more waste more often. This issue will cause trouble to your litter box.

Your cat quantity matters

Most of devices are produced to serve one cat at a time. In case you have more than one cat, you will need a litter box with a huge compartment or may be, you should buy one more litter box.


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