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This case is interesting from the viewpoint of gastric cancer blast transformation—AFP and PIVKA—II decreased markedly immediately after gastrectomy and tumor markers normalized after radiofrequency ablation for liver metastasis, suggesting that production of both proteins by gastric cancer cells had contributed to their increase. We resected the ileocecum, dissected local swollen lymph nodes, and conducted right oophorectomy. The histological diagnosis was poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of the appendix. He died of the primary disease 3 months thereafter. We partially resected the small intestine including the tumor and part of the bladder wall, also conducting, appendectomy and drainage.

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    Nihon Gekakei Rengo Gakkaishi (Journal of Japanese College of Surgeons)

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    The resected specimen showed a cystic lesion with a papillary mural nodule.

    images okinaga yoshihito yamada

    A 29—year—old—woman admitted for lower right abdominal pain was found in laboratory examination to have an elevated white blood cell WBC count. Already have an account?

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    The lumen of the cyst composed ciliated columnar epithelium including goblet cells and stratified squamous epithelium without keratinization or granules. Histopathological findings indicated moderately differentiated tubular adenocarcinoma arising in the appendix with right ovarian metastasis. The pancreatic RCC metastasis necessitated pylorus—preserving pancreatoduodenectomy.

    images okinaga yoshihito yamada
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    Our case underscores the need for lymph node dissection in cases of small intestine GISTs.

    Methods:We evaluated 1 postoperative complications in the orbital area and at the donor bone site, 2 vision problems in daily life, 3 double vision in the oculomotor limit region, and 4 ocular motility disturbance in the Hess test.

    Results:Victims were eight men and two women mean age years suffering 8 blunt injuries and 2 penetrating.

    images okinaga yoshihito yamada

    Patients:We assessed preoperative accuracy in evaluating tumor depth invasion, tumor size, and clinicopathological factors in persons undergoing gastrectomy with lymph node metastasis and dissection for early undifferentiated gastric cancer. In both cases, MIB—1 indices were high for dedifferentiated liposarcoma.

    Yoshihito Yamada Biography

    Three years postoperatively, the man is doing well with no sign of recurrence. The Histopathological finding was gallbladder wall necrosis and submucosal membrane edema caused by gallbladder torsion.

    Yoshikazu Okinaga is on trial over million yen in income tax he allegedly His son, Yoshihito Okinaga, is now the university's president.

    Recording apparatus for Yamada, Osamu, 5,03/, Cl5]. Yoshihito; Yamashita, Yoshiya; Uda, Hitoshi; and Yoshihara, Yosho, Júnion.

    Outline JCAEMCE

    Yoshii, Fumihiko; Mikuriya, Hitoshi; Okinaga, Kaoru, Okamoto, Katsuhiro; Yoshikawa. Yoshihito Okinaga (Teikyo University- Administrative Director) Keizo Yamada (​WISE EDUCATION GROUP- CEO); Councilors: Tetsuro.
    Conclusion The range of intraoperative port movement and drain placement through a port site, which involve dilatation of the trocar orifice or disturbance of the fascial closure, are risk factors for the occurrence of TSH.

    images okinaga yoshihito yamada

    We report a case of ectopic gastric pancreas treated by laparoscopic partial gastrectomy with stay sutures lifted onto the abdominal wall. An 89—year old man with a right inguinal mass found a year earlier underwent surgery in March for right inguinal hernia.

    A 41—year—old woman referred for a painful lower right abdominal tumor was found in abdominal computed tomography CT and magnetic resonance imaging MRI to have an intraabdominal abscess and ileocecal and right ovarian tumors. Inflammatory change involved the appendix.

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    images okinaga yoshihito yamada
    The histological diagnosis was poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of the appendix.

    Extremely slight infraorbital nerve hypesthesia occurred in 2 cases.

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    The elusive fishbone failed to appear in either the resected specimen or in intraoperative endoscopy. A 54 years old man had a checkup with the main complaint of an anal region tumor. Computed tomography confirming these findings yielded a diagnosis of adhesive ileus.

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      Laparotomy confirmed a giant small intestine tumor adheding to the posterior bladder wall and retroperitoneum.

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      A 40—year—old woman seen for mild left breast pain was found to have a soft elastic flat mass of 6 cm above the left nipple. An 81—year—old woman admitted for an asymptomatic esophageal submucosal tumor was found in esophagography to have a lesion protruding from upper thoracic esophagus wall.