İmamın Ordusu by Ahmet Şık

The İstanbul 12th High Criminal Court on Thursday March 24th ordered the confiscation of an unpublished book by jailed journalist Ahmet Şık.
The book called İmamın Ordusu (in English : The Army of the Imam ), which reportedly documents the influence of an Islamic group ( Fethullan Gülen ) within the police.
Police raided the offices of a publishing house and the headquarters of the Radikal daily on March 24 and seized drafts of the book, which has not yet been published.
The book was written by journalist Şık, who is currently in prison accused of membership in Ergenekon, a terrorist organization accused of working to overthrow the government.
They found a digital copy and erased it. In March 2011 Ahmet Şık, was arrested along with several other journalists as part of the so-called Ergenekon investigation, into a suspected plot to topple the government.
According to Article 28 of the Turkey Constitution, activities that put the security of the public in jeopardy cannot be tolerated within the framework of freedom of the press.

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iamın ordusu kitabı

» The army of the imam - İmamın ordusu

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"Writing a book which the goverment dislikes should not be a crime in Turkey."

Turkey is ranked 138 in Reporters Without Borders' 2010 Annual Worldwide Press Freedom Index.

Journalist Ahmet Şık and Nedim Şener's arrested on March 6th 2011 in Turkey.
Ahmet Şık's book on Fethullan Gülen's movement and activities in Turkish bureaucracy which caused his arrest is being distributed on Internet.
A court in Turkey has ordered all copies must be destroyed or it would be considered as a terrorist crime raising International upheaval about press freedom in Turkey.

Who is Ahmet Şık ?

He was born in Adana, Turkey 1970. He graduated from Istanbul University Journalism department. Between 1991-2007 he has worked at several newspapers like Cumhuriyet, Evrensel and Yeni Yüzyıl as a reporter. He has also worked at Nokta magazine and Reuters News Agent as a photo journalist.

His Books:

İmamın Ordusu (Dokunan Yanar) / Manuscript

Ergenekon'da Kim Kimdir? (with Ertuğrul Mavioğlu) Published 2010, ISBN:6053750376
Kontrgerilla ve Ergenekon'u Anlama Kılavuzu (with Ertuğrul Mavioğlu) Published by İthaki Yayınları


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