What dog food is good for your pitbull

You have a Pit bull. You want to plan out a dietary schedule for your pet. You are considering choosing some dog foods but don’t know which is better. This is for you:

Best dog food for Pit bull.


KibbleComparing to others, kibble is a good choice because of its cost and convenience. To a busy owner, kibble will be the best. It is very easy for you to feed your pet and for your pet to feed on. Besides, having meat as the first ingredient, kibble is able to meet your pit bull’s nutritional requirements.

A high-quality kibble must include human-grade meat and had better have natural preservatives in the ingredient list. For this demand, I recommend you two brands: Wellness CORE Grain-Free Turkey&Chicken and  Taste of the Wild – Bison & Venison. These brands are probably well-known. It is easy to understand because they are made from high-quality animal resource and based on a grain-free formula.

Canned food;

Most of the companies making kibble from human-grade ingredient also make canned foods. These are often a better chDog food cannedoice, despite the higher cost. Canned foods often contain more meat, which is maybe only fresh meat, instead of rendered meat from kibbles. Canned foods don’t need preservatives, the scanning process can be an alternative one. In addition, pit bulls have tendency to eat their food without stopping to chew. By this means, canned foods, which is softer than kibbles, will help you protect your pet from threats ranging from gastric torsion. There are some canned foos which can be a good choice: Newman’s Own Organics – Beef, Liver and Beef&Liver Varieties; Weruva – Kobe and Kurobuta Formulas; ZiwiPeak – Daily Dog Cuisine Formulas.

In contrast, canned foods can offer more fat and calories than necessary, so you can plan a feeding schedule with both kibbles and canned food to balance the diet. Moreover, don’t forget raw animal resource. Variety is a good thing, so don’t be hesitant to try other choices for the best diet for your pit bull.

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