What is alternative down comforter?

Lots of us find comforter a nice place to snuck in after a long tired day from work. So buying a comforter is definitely the priority of everybody when choosing a blanket for their bed. But most beginners would get confused between all type of down in the market. And in this case, it is the alternative down. So what exactly is this down and what are the differences between this type of comforter compare to normal down comforter. While these two often serve one same purpose, they could be very different if we do some comparison.

Natural own comforter

First, let’s get to know about these down comforter. They’re made with the soft feather (we often called it down) of duck, geese, or any poultry that have it. These down are soft and warm, together, it will make a great bedding item. The softness will give you comfort and relaxation while the fluffy texture will guarantee to keep you warm despite it’s freezing out there. These are called natural down, they’re often expensive but will tend to last long if you give them good care. The natural down is loved by everyone. So why bother having alternative ones?

Alternative down comforter

Here is our main focus for today’s article. To give you all the answer for your question, let’s take a little time to get to know about this type of comforter and what’s different about it compare to the original. And don’t forget if you’re in need of the best alternative down comforter, visit our article.


Pros and cons

As I’ve mentioned about the natural down being made from real down, this will result in more expensive price. And there are some people who have allergies to natural down. That’s why they need this alternative down comforter. Alternative down is designed to recreate the fluffiness and comfort of a real down comforter. And with the synthetic material, they’re safe for people with asthma or allergies. But that’s not all, because of the fill material, these down are mostly machine washable and they often come in a wide range of sizes and prices. It’s very easy to choose a good alternative down comforter while with real down, you might need to triple the number. The fill in these alternative ones is becoming more and more various. And depending on the filling type, thread count, there are many options for you.


With the same amount of down fill, an alternative down comforter tends to heavier than natural down one. This might be a big problem if you enjoy the fluffiness and comfort at the same time of a down comforter. Not choosing the right comforter could cost you many good periods of sleep. And we all know the bad effects of not having a nice sleep. So try to avoid alternative ones that are too heavy for you.

One more thing, synthetic materials tend to not be as breathable as natural down. So you may feel a little bit discomfort using the product. With me, it’s just a minor problem but people who are sensitive enough find this a major disturbance. And even though the alternative comforter is machine washable, some bad quality comforter will result in shrinkage. Plus, the alternative down fill won’t hold up as good as natural down and they may fall off and become less fluffy.

Whatever you choose, make sure you make the right choice. Both down comforter and alternative one have their own pros and cons. Hope you’ve found your choice after reading this post.

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