[4K] Glasgow, Scotland – City centre walking tour

Join us for this virtual city walk in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. Home to the Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet and National Theatre and many museums and galleries, the city is a
cultural hub for Scotland.

We start our walk in Mitchell Street by the Taxi-Driver mural by Rogue-One, and we finish at the Gallery of Modern Art in Royal Exchange Square.


0:05 Mitchell Street – “Taxi-Driver” and “Wind Power” by Rogue-One, and “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” by Smug-One
1:55 Mitchell Lane with “Panda” by Klingatron
2:40 Buchanan Street – main shopping street
4:40 St Enoch Square
6:40 Dixon Street – “Dr Connolly, I Presume?” by Rogue-One
7:10 Clyde Street and The River Clyde
8:05 “Glasgow’s Tiger” by James Klinge
10:50 Dunlop Street and “Big Birds” by Rogue-One
13:30 Gorbals Street and Bridgegate. Clutha Vaults Music Bar and “The Clutha” by Rogue-One and Ejek
14:20 Hutcheson Street and Wilson Street
15:25 “Badminton” by Guido Van Helten
16:14 Merchant Square – walk through this centre for restaurants and bars
17:50 Albion Street
18:53 Ingram Street and “Four Seasons” by Smug
22:15 Shuttle Street
22:25 University of Strathclyde,The Technology and Innovation Centre
23:20 Telescope and Satellite mural
24:05 George Street. University of Strathclyde International Study Centre
24:30 “The Wonderwall”
28:30 “Hip-Hop Marionette” by Rogue-One
28:45 John Street
30:35 Cochrane Street
31:30 George Street
33:40 Queen Street
34:30 Royal Exchange Square
36:55 Gallery of Modern Art

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