Amalfi Walking Tour 4K – June 27th, 2020

WALKING IN AMALFI, ITALY: Enjoy a new walk of one of Italy’s top ten tourist destinations, the coastal town of Amalfi. This walk begins at 10:45 am on June 27th, 2020. June 27th is normally the Festival of Saint Andrew but on this day, most of the events had been canceled. It was a beautiful sunny day with blue. The town and beaches were full of life. This walk also includes the town of Atrani. Please be sure to Like the video! 🎧For an even more immersive experience, be sure to put on your headphones and listen in 3D audio.

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0:00 – Drone Intro
1:43 – Walk begins at the port
8:20 – Walk along the Lungomare
9:13 – Free beach
13:43 – Ferry Terminal & Ticket Station
19:04 – View of the beach and walk out on the pier
24:50 – Piazza Flavio Gioia
27:02 – Piazza Duomo and Cathedral
34:09 – Path under the church to Piazza Municipio
40:06 – Porta Della Marina
42:44 – Piazza dei Dogi
44:16 – Walk down main street (Via Lorenzo D’Amalfi)
48:16 – Presepe Fountain (La Fontana De Cape E Ciucci)
55:04 – 200 steps up to the high road
56:36 – Via Torre dello Ziro
58:48 – Church bells and fireworks (View of the city)
1:02:05 – Salita S. Lorenzo del Piano
1:05:26 – Belvedere Cimitero Monumentale
1:06:15 – Salita Capo di Croce
1:08:25 – Walk down to Atrani
1:14:16 – Atrani Beach
1:21:05 – Piazza Umberto I
1:25:30 – Collegiate Santa Maria Maddalena
1:30:30 – Walking from Atrani to Amalfi

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