Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter | 10-STOP WALKING TOUR

Discover MUST-VISIT & HIDDEN sites in Barcelona’s famous Gothic Quarter. Come with me on this walking tour on the Gothic Quarter. I’ll show you the famous Plaça Nova, Pont del Bisbe, the Roman temple, Plaça Sant Felipe Neri, Plaça del Rei, the Jewish Quarter, Plaça San Jaume and the Port de Mar. Venga, let’s go! 🥝

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Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter can be really confusing! So many winding streets, so many tourists, so much to see! But it’s actually quite a small area, and it’s one of the most magical collections of 13-15th century buildings in the world.

And did you know that Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is actually built on the remains of a 2,000 year old Roman settlement?

Also, not everything is as it seems in the Gothic Quarter. There are lots of secrets in this part of the city, but you have to know where to find them. I will show you!

To sum it up, the Gothic Quarter is a place you really need to visit. It’s also called the Barrio Gótico in Spanish and the Barri Gòtic in Catalan.

In this video I take you to 10 of the must-see sites in the Gothic Quarter. These are places we visit and you’ll learn about on Devour Tour’s Tapas, Taverns & History Tour.

At each stop in the video, I give you some information behind the history of the area, and also a little Google marker with the name of the street or square so you can find it yourself.

So, where do we visit?

1. Plaça Nova – where the entry point to the Roman town was
2. Carrer del Paradís – where there is an amazing Roman temple
3. Behind the Cathedral – where you can see lots of hidden symbols
4. General Archive of the Crown of Aragon
5. Plaça del Rei – did Columbus stand on these steps?
6. Pont del Bisbe – the most photographed site in all of Barcelona… but it’s not as old as it seems!
7. Jewish Quarter (El Call) – a fascinating little tangle of streets with a long history
8. Plaça Sant Felipe Neri – my favourite square in the city… and with a dark secret
9. Plaça Sant Jaume – the perfect place to decode the Catalan independence issue
10. Pont de Mar – the exit point of the old Roman city!

Hola, Spain lovers! We’re James and Yoly. James is a New Zealander, and Yoly is from Spain. And we both live in Madrid. This channel is all about giving you a local insight into life in Spain, and helping you experience this country like a local when you come to visit (or live!). If that sounds like your kind of thing, bienvenido!

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