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Welcome to Buenos Aires, Capital city of Argentina. This is a City Walking Tour in 4K by Wanna Walk. Official name is Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.

Today we’ll walk from Juramento Metro Station Line D, located at the intersection of Cabildo and Juramento avenues to Iglesia La Redonda, Barrio Belgrano. The city can be called Buenos Aires, Capital Federal or just CABA. The name means something like ‘Fair Winds’ in Spanish. This is one of the largest metropolis in Latin America and it’s well known for its cultural offerings including the Tango. Inhabitants of Buenos Aires are called Porteños which means “people from the port”.

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A Camera Floating Among The Crowd. Walking Around Barrio Belgrano, close to Avenida Cabildo y Juramento, Subway Line D, Iglesia La Redonda and more. Walking Tour of Buenos Aires by Wanna Walk.

This city is huge and beautiful. It may look like a real concrete jungle from certain angles but if you pay attention, you’ll find the magnificent architecture around you including Grand French and Italian style palaces, even low key neighborhoods. This lovely city combines faded European grandeur with Latin passion. Sexy and alive, this beautiful city gets under your skin.

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This is a Virtual Walking Tour of Belgrano, a leafy upper-middle-class neighborhood that can be roughly divided into Belgrano R, Belgrano C, central Belgrano, and Lower Belgrano (Bajo Belgrano). The heart of the barrio pulses with life on its main thoroughfare. Cabildo avenue carries heavy automobile traffic and features some good coffee stores, grocery stores, movie theaters, specialty shops, clothing boutiques, bookstores, and more.

Pedestrians are especially numerous on weekend afternoons. Locals from various areas of the city come to shop and walk. Most of the neighborhood’s densest housing is located in the vicinity of Cabildo. High-rise luxury apartment buildings are clustered on the leafy streets surrounding the Universidad de Belgrano, a private university.

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In the edge of the plaza lies the Inmaculada Concepción church, called “La Redonda”. Several museums are around this area. Going down to Lower Belgrano we find the Barrancas de Belgrano, older Rio de la Plata River natural terraces. Although neighboring Nuñez is widely known as the home of River Plate, its landmark stadium River Plate Stadium of Buenos Aires, one of the most important soccer teams in Argentina.

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Buenos Aires City is geographically contained inside the province of Buenos Aires, but it is politically autonomous where more than three million people live in the City of Buenos Aires. BA or BAIRES is divided into 48 districts. Its metropolitan area, Great Buenos Aires, the 22nd most populated urban center in the world with over 18 million people. Most of the country’s activity is highly concentrated in this single city and its surroundings. This is a Belgrano walk, a residential and peaceful neighborhood with silent streets that lead to different shops, restaurants, architectural relics, and large green spaces. Belgrano’s one of the most distinguished districts, and it’s ideal for day walks along the wooded tile sidewalks. Buenos Aires constantly receives tourists from all over the world and offers a large choice of cultural events, nightlife, restaurants, and pubs.

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The public transport in Buenos Aires is very good, although crowded during rush hour. The metro here is called the Subte, which is short for Subterranean (underground). The network itself is not very large, but reaches most tourist attractions of the city, and there is a large range of bus routes and several suburban railways used by commuters. Although not in the center of the city, Belgrano is a nice neighborhood and much quieter than the main areas of the city. It is basically a residential area.

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Walking tour of BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA. An elegant, vibrant and modern South American metropolis. As one of the main commercial hubs of Buenos Aires, Belgrano has something for everyone. The myriad of shop windows in Cabildo Ave. will draw you in, but it is Chinatown which will keep you hooked.

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