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Many big cities claim to never sleep, few are like Buenos Aires. This is a narrated city downtown BUENOS AIRES NIGHT virtual city walking tour in 4K by Wanna Walk.

Welcome to the Argentine’s capital city. The city that never sleeps. Buenos Aires has more nightlife than any other city. “Buenos Aires 4K” – There is a lot to see and to everywhere. This night walk begins in the d line metro station 9 de Julio. Then we see the iconic Obelisco de Buenos Aires, located in the Plaza de la República, intersection of avenues Corrientes and 9 de Julio.

It’s Saturday night and we’ll walk around the downtown or city centre, where the lights are bright and hundreds of restaurants and endless bars and clubs. Buenos Aires at night means many things, for example having a big and succulent steak asado at 11pm, visit one of 100’s of theaters, enjoy a bookshop open, enjoy the tango or just walk on Avenida Corrientes.

Buenos Aires is one of the most important theater places in America, with productions of great level and plenty of theater. Throughout the “Corrientes Street” we will visit and learn about more than 20 theaters, Buenos Aires Night — Walking Tour【4K】🇦🇷

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Avenida Corrientes Obelisco 9 de julio

Experience vibrant Buenos Aires night with its dazzling lights and attractions. Spending the night like a Porteño is visiting a 19th century late night cafe open 24h, an old pizzeria, try a milonga to feel the tango. Have energy for more? Discover some exquisite cocktails in hidden bars, watch to see the magnificent Buenos Aires architecture, 4K virtual walking tour around the city.

The city’s nightlife is as varied as it is intense. Being in Buenos Aires is like being in many cities at the same time. Corrientes Avenue). BUENOS AIRES, City Walking Tour Buenos Aires, street walk, Virtual Travel, obelisco, downtown, argentina 4k, buenos aires night, buenos aires after dark, avenida corrientes peatonal, 4k virtual walking tour, best walking tour. Explore the theaters of the new Calle Corrientes guide to Buenos Aires nightlife: this city is huge and beautiful. It may look like a real concrete jungle from certain angles but if you pay attention, you’ll find the magnificent architecture around you. Things to do at night in Buenos Aires Argentina.

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The downtown microcentro banking district ‘la city’ pedestrian Florida Street, Teatro Gran Rex and Teatro Opera. Buenos Aires after-dark entertainment and options are endless: underground theatre, craft beer and cocktail bars, live music, milongas and nightclubs. Best walking tour virtual and traveling to Argentina with video virtual walking city tour Buenos Aires in avenida corrientes de noche. Free night walk virtual tours and 4K videowalk by Wanna Walk.

Buenos Aires City is geographically contained inside the province of Buenos Aires, but it is politically autonomous where more than three million people live in the City of Buenos Aires. BA or BAIRES is divided into 48 districts. Its metropolitan area, Most of the country’s activity is highly concentrated in this single city and its surroundings. Virtual Walking Vacation lets users walk around famous cities.

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The obelisk or obelisco in microcentro for locals, is one of the city’s most emblematic landmarks. This popular monument stands at the intersection of two of the city’s most important streets: Avenida Corrientes and Avenida 9 de Julio. Saturday night walk around the center of the beautiful city. The most popular tourist attractions and places to visit are in this area which it’s close to the historic district of San Telmo. BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA 4K — An elegant, vibrant and modern South American metropolis. This is the iconic Avenue Calle Corrientes at night. Take a virtual walk in 4K through one of the most iconic landmarks in the world!

La calle de los teatros or simple avenida corrientes y 9 de julio are icons of the city: Buenos Aires 4K. Walking tour, must see argentina, buenos aires argentina, buenos aires city tour, walk travel videos, wanna walk, buenos aires, walk, travel, trip, Walking Buenos Aires City, 4K, buenos aires walking tour, ARGENTINA.

Buenos Aires cultural and nightlife take place on Avenida Corrientes (calle corrientes or corrientes street) has more than 20 theaters! The largest entertainment center of the city located from Esmeralda St to Callao Av and it’s full of bars, restaurants, theaters, cinemas and more.

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