City Walk through Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel – 4K Walking Tour with City Sounds

Welcome to Tel Aviv-Yafo, one of the world’s oldest cities! We invite you to meet with the daily life of the city as it is and to see the most beautiful cultural and natural destinations! This 3-HOURS walking tour will bring you to the local urban landscapes with views of skyscrapers, show you a multi-story shopping center (12:40) with beautiful observation terraces (26:28), and local small colorful shops (1:23:55)! You will admire the beauty of the local park (42:06), Yarkon River (44:20) and its inhabitants (1:12:24). This 4K walking tour is a great opportunity to discover typical coastal buildings (1:25:17), Clock Tower (1:26:45), surrounded by historical buildings, Setai Tel Aviv luxury hotel (1:28:29), Old Jaffa city with narrow streets(1:31:53), Kedumim Square (1:51:02), Old Architecture Zodiac Fountain (1:51:29) and more! You will walk along a stunning promenade(1:29:55) which runs alongside the seashore, stroll along the piers(1:55:54), find the clean sand beaches(2:12:39)… Dive into the carefree daily life of people that walk or jog, cycle, sit leisurely on benches! Dozens of restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlors are around you! But you can just stop for a while and enjoy the tranquility of the Mediterranean Sea at sunset (2:25:53)… Take a walk in the evening time and feel its special charm of this city(2:55:34)! Forget about all worries and stay connected to the most popular Israel cities with our team in 4K resolution!

Video from: Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Video Resolution: 4K UHD
Equipment used: Camera Sony a6500, Lens: tokina 11-16 f2.8, canon 24-105 f4.0
Video Type: city walking tour
Filmmaker: Oleksandr Diakov
Editor: Artur Skorobagatskyi
Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard and challenging work.

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Don’t miss a chance to travel during quarantine time with our 4K urban videos! You can access the walking tour 24/7 from any place! This virtual city walking video helps to reduce stress and get away from the daily negative news! You will easily imagine yourselves walking through Jaffa streets and to discover the best location just from your couch. These urban videos include background city noise, birds chirping and sea sounds that help you to feel very realistic. A virtual urban video is a great resource full of travel ideas for your home quarantine! Stay healthy and travel without leaving your home!

Benefits of this 4K city walk video:
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Who whom our video are:
– elderly people, often living in senior homes, who cannot travel anymore and who often can hardly walk;
– for disabled people, giving them the opportunity to see the world;
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– for ordinary people to help to de-stress, which is so important in our modern world full of hustle and pressure.
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