Don’t Go Alone! Haunted Castles And Forgotten Villages – Mysterious Wales Ghost Stories & Legends

Don’t Go Alone! More ghost stories and legends of Wales and this time I’m exploring Ogmore Castle, Merthyr Mawr and Candleston Castle near Bridgend South Wales.

More about Ogmore Castle:
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Starting at the picturesque ruins of Ogmore Castle and the ghost story of the ‘White Lady’ it’s then to the nearby pretty village of Merthyr Mawr with its thatched cottages.

First, you have to cross the Ogmore River and the associated legend of Cap Coch, a sinister innkeeper who murdered travellers and first started to dump their bodies in the river and then resorted to burying them in the cellar and the grounds of the inn.

In Merthyr Mawr village church there are many remnants of old crosses and gravestones dating back to the 5th century.

Finally heading to the Merthyr Mawr sand dunes which are some of the biggest in Europe. There is also the ominous presence of the ruined fortified manor house known as Candleston Castle.
It is associated with the legend of the ‘Goblin Stone’ and the mysterious disappearance of the village of Treganlaw.

You can also reach Merthyr Mawr by taking the walk from Porthcawl:

Places I visited “Don’t Go Alone!”

0:00 Ogmore Castle

1:32 Ghost Of The White Lady

2:56 The Ogmore River

3:14 Cap Coch

4:28 Merthyr Mawr Village

5:03 St Teilos Church

5:51 Merthyr Mawr Stones

6:41 Merthyr Mawr Sand Dunes

7:29 Candleston Castle

8:50 The Goblin Stone

‘Don’t Go Alone! Haunted Castles And Forgotten Villages’ – Filmed October 2020

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