Dorian Deathly : Haunted York – A Live (ish) Ghost Tour.

My name is Dorian Deathly, and I work as a tour guide and educator in the city of York – the most haunted city in the whole country.

Like many of us, I find myself suddenly with a lot of time on my hands. I work in tourism and schools, both of which have ceased to exist for a while. Hopefully not long, but until then I must do something to stop myself from climbing the walls.

Join me, as I stream myself out into the internet. I have many stories to tell! Hauntings, executions, betrayal and… perhaps I’ll skip the stuff about the Black Death for this one.

Joining the tour stream is free, but should you find yourself overcome with reckless generosity my paypal will be wide open. I quite like my house, and would still like to be living in it when it’s time for things to return to normal.

If you do chip in to the tea and coffee fund via PayPal please be sure to untick the “goods and services” button otherwise the Internet will eat a large chunk of it. We are (or will be) friends and family!

Yours grimly

Dorian Deathly