Ghost And Gravestone Tour Savannah GA,River Street-(2019)

River Street is a commercial street and promenade in Savannah, Georgia, United States. It runs along the southern edge of the Savannah River for 2 miles (3.2 km), from the merging of North and East Lathrop Avenues in the west to East Bay Street in the east. Its most well-known section runs from the Talmadge Memorial Bridge, then below City Hall and Yamacraw Bluff, to its eastern terminus. It is West River Street up to where the Hyatt Regency spans it, at which point it becomes East River Street. The street is one-way (west to east) downtown.

Today East River Street houses restaurants, cafés and craft shops, and is one of the city’s major tourist attractions. Its half-mile-long pedestrian promenade, the John P. Rousakis Riverfront Plaza, is named in honor of John Rousakis, Savannah’s longest-serving mayor (1970–1992).

At its downtown stretch, the street’s southern side is populated by terraces of former King Cotton warehouses. Factors Row, a bluffside row of red brick buildings where cotton brokers bargained during the product’s heyday, helps preserve this industry in its name. Factors Walk connects the upper offices to the lower warehouses. The warehouses were also used as holding cells for African slaves.

Widely considered by ghost hunters and paranormal investigators as being America’s Most Haunted City and seen on The Today Show and the Travel Channel, Savannah’s dark past is unveiled on this spooky tour! Learn about the city’s origins with its founding in 1733 when it was built upon native American burial grounds. Will you encounter the ghost of Civil War General Robert E. Lee at the famous Andrew Low House? Take the Trolley of the Doomed to the burial grounds in Wright Square and try to contact the spirits at the Perkins & Sons Ship Chandlery!

Filmed By Brad Dean