GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA!!?? Edinburgh Haunted Underground Tour

GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA! Edinburgh Haunted Underground Tour

Vlogging withMoscoMoon aka the Wee Scottish Lass We went on a Mercat Tour of the Niddry Street vaults and caught *something* on film!!! It sounded like a boulder had fallen and then rolled across the floor, and all three of us heard it! I would LOVE TO KNOW what you think of what we heard in the comments below. DID WE HEAR SOMETHING PARANORMAL?


Edinburgh has a lot of famous ghost stories with some incredible history, but allow me to introduce you to Rosie, Edinburgh’s prostitute ghost. Niddry Street Vaults – the chambers under the bridge in town – were used for all kinds of underground purposes – including witchcraft, gambling and body smuggling. Most of the vaults are now part of nightclubs and pubs, including the Banshee Labyrinth. The pub is said to be haunted by Rosie, a prostitute ghost who likes to leave her mark on pub goers… There are so many cool Edinburgh ghost stories and I’d like to tell some of them, but it’ll take a while.

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