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Welcome to LONDON, England. This is a City Walking Tour from OXFORD CIRCUS across the major road in the City of Westminster in the West End to BLOOMSBURY, in the heart of London. New Slow TV Video 4K Walk by Wanna Walk

Why is oxford circus called oxford circus? The word circus comes from the latin root ‘circ’ (for circle).

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What is OXFORD CIRCUS famous for? This is one of the great shopping streets, from end to end, culminating in Piccadilly Circus. Containing many of the largest and well known brands associated with London.

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This is Oxford Street, a major road in the City of Westminster in the West End of London. From Tottenham Court Road to Marble Arch via Oxford Circus, this is the Europe’s busiest shopping street with over 500,000 daily visitors. Bloomsbury’s collection of academic and medical institutions, book shops and cafes makes for a busy crowd of locals, students and tourists. The renowned British Museum is a treasure trove of antiquities too. Best City Walking Tours Guide and Free Walks and Virtual Walking Tour 4K.

Street videography or videowalk is a virtual travel video that shows you what the city looks like on youtube. Watch the real streets of this city in england with natural sound. Let’s take a virtual walking tour one of the best cities in the world. Virtual travel: Let’s listen the ambient sounds of the city like if you are in the middle of the action:’London 4K’ Slow television or ‘slow tv’. Virtual city view: Top things to see and do in here because it’s a popular area best to walk, shop, relax and eat.. Mind the gap!

There is no doubt, ‘OXFORD CIRCUS’ is an iconic London area. Best London walking tour.

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Oxford Street is an iconic shopping and dining destination. You have to visit this place. Walkers loves this part of London. It’s minutes from great shops, bars, coffee shops and restaurants. Close to Leicester Square, Soho and Covent Garden where there is even more choice of things. Oxford Street is great to walk.

Wanna Walk is probably the best virtual walking tour and videowalk travel youtube channel today, street walk youtube. People has been coming from Oxford Street to BLOOMSBURY for shopping. Best shopping zone in London. it is the third busiest station on the London Underground. On the Central line it is between Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road, on the Bakerloo line it is between Regent’s Park and Piccadilly Circus, and on the Victoria line it is between Green Park and Warren Street

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This is what it’s great about England UK: you are a few minutes walking from Oxford Street next you turn a corner and you are here. prowalks and WannaWalk are great youtube travel channels. There is a flair and style and you cannot leave Oxford Street without a visit. Virtual Walking Tour in 4k

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Walking Down Oxford Circus, West End: There are tons of things to see and do in London so after walk here be sure to see to visit the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Shard, the river Thames of course, (West End Shopping Street, Regent St London Walk, England) Shard of Glass, Buckingham Palace, Elegant shopping, Southwark, Tower Bridge, St.Paul’s Cathedral, Royal parks and gardens and so much more based on the Instagram guide.

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This is the capital and largest city of both England and of the United Kingdom and the largest city in the European Union. Situated on the River Thames in South East England. Official population of about 8 million and 15 million including the metropolitan area: virtual tour, virtual walk, wanderlust, This is the UK Today. After all, City of London a walkable city, one of the most foot friendly cities in the world and great for unexpected London’s pedestrian environment. This is a ‘virtual walking tour’ a great tool for for London walkers as well as those planning a journey to England (London Walk Tour). LONDON 4K

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Travel videos, travel guide, things to know before you go, tourists traveling now. An elegant, vibrant and modern European metropolis. United Kingdom Vacation Travel Video Guide to shopping in London – London Walk, OXFORD CIRCUS to BLOOMSBURY — Walking Tour 4K 🇬🇧

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