Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Walking Tour in 4K 60fps

Video from: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe
Video resolution: 4K 60 fps
Video type: urban walking tour

Don’t miss the chance to visit one of the most popular cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Take a virtual walk through the lovely streets and feel the atmosphere of the city. Our 2-hour walking tour will take you to the Old Town where you will be able to admire the fascinating Ottoman architecture, famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Stari Most; The Old Bazaar, The Karađoz Bey Mosque and more. Take in the relaxing views of turquoise waters of Neretva River passing through Mostar and under the breathtaking Stari Most Bridge. Open a virtual window to different countries and cities.

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This 4K 60 fps virtual walking tour will help you:
► to explore the city, see its local people, walk along its cobbled stone streets and soak in the atmosphere of a place;
► if you have already visited Mostar, this video will help you to discover new places and visit them next time
► take a break and travel whenever you want
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