Stories from the Haunted Fullerton Walking Tours 1

All stories used on the tour are fact and true. We will also be adding experiences from those on the tour with their stories.
You can hear more of these stories on the tour.

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Come on out and support Fullerton Museum Center and experience this educational tour of Fullerton’s history and ghostly past. Voted “best historic and ghost tour in LA/OC”

Be sure not to miss the Haunted Fullerton Walking Tours Paranormal Evidence Presentation Show at 5:30 pm sharp with North Orange County Paranormal Society (presented by NOPS) in the museum auditorium with some fascinating ghostly evidence caught on the very same tours at the locations visited! Note: This year NOPS will present data never before seen by the public and will be included in an upcoming documentary film. The tours will get a sneak peek. (There will be NO pictures or video allowed during the presentation)

Tours are $18.00 for Museum Members / $20.00 for General Public
Halloween Night $20.00 Museum Members / $25.00 General Public*

Get tickets now! Call 714-738-6545 for sign-ups and info.
No celebrities were used to promote these events. All stories on the tour are real and true.

Nothing was fabricated for entertainment purposes.
All real, 100%. You get what you see, hear and experience. Real unexplained captures. Real history with Real people telling their paranormal discoveries. 100% authentic.

For the entire month of October