Trip around Berlin, Germany in 4K 60fps – Virtual Walking Tour with Original City Sounds

The capital of Germany has a well-deserved popularity among tourists from all over the world. Sights of Berlin attract a wide variety of travelers, because here everyone will find a truly breathtaking place in accordance with personal preferences. This amazing 4K walking tour video is a great opportunity for you to virtually walk by the most beautiful attractions of Berlin without leaving your home. Spend your next THREE HOURS on the picturesque and awe-inspiring views of statues, monuments, squares, architectural buildings, bridges, and pass through the local streets feeling the atmosphere of the city. Take a virtual walk by the Parliament Building, Brandenburg Gate Arch, heading through this gate to the famous Linden Alley. Become one of the millions of visitors that come here annually while staying at your place. Listen to the city noise, and soak up with this urban ambiance of outstanding architecture, variety of shops, and other attractions that will bring you a sense of harmony and inspiration! Explore the world and travel with us! Open a virtual window to different countries, regions, and cities!

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Video From: Berlin, Germany, Europe
Video Resolution: 4K UHD 60fps
Equipment used: Panasonic GH5
Video Type: walking tour video
Producer: Roman Khomlyak
Filmmaker& Editor: Mykhailo Feshchak

Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard and challenging work.

Experience the endless benefits of this 4K city walking tour:
– You will see some captivating sights of the city, and get inspired for your new travel ideas!
– you don’t have to worry about time/ money in order to visit Germany. It is exciting that this video will immerse you to this beautiful country without leaving your home.
– get inspired, motivated and stay productive at work.
– 4K TV Screensaver to create a unique atmosphere at any place you want

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