Walking Tour of Grand Central Terminal — New York City 【4K】🇺🇸

A camera floating among the crowd. Walking tour of Grand Central Station. Manhattan, New York City in 4K by Wanna Walk 🇺🇸

Welcome to Grand Central Terminal, in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. One of the most popular and busiest and biggest train terminal in the world with 45 track platforms and 63 tracks. It covers 45 acres from 42nd Street to 97th Street. Every day more than 700,000 people pass through the building!

Be careful and move fast, everyone is trying to catch a train. This is a Grand Central Terminal Tour video walk during the rush hour! Wanna walk?

Let’s watch people, their faces and what they do on random moment of their lives. Listen fragments of unknown people’s conversations, enjoy seeing new cultures, lines, curves and colors of different cities around the world. Walking In a New York City. Videowalk, Visiting the Grand Central Terminal to explore this unique jewel of Midtown Manhattan, by Wanna Walk.

Walking Tour of NYC Grand Central Station, Friday evening Rush Hour

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Walking in Grand Central Station, New York City
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Walking tour of Midtown Manhattan New York City

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