Walking Tour The Kensington Experience Open Drug Market Up Close | 4K ULTRA HD SMOOTH CAM FOOTAGE

A walking tour through the heart of the Kensington epidemic. Located on the northeast side of Philadelphia Pa, at the intersection of Kensington & Allegheny. Over the last decade this neighborhood went down hill due to opioid addiction like Herion , Fentanyl and Suboxone. What was once a thriving business district is now a dilapidated wasteland. Kensington now looks like a third world country. Please support the video by commenting, sharing and or leaving a thumbs up.

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Here is some information on this community provided by Wikipedia
Kensington is a neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its placement within the broader division of sections of Philadelphia is debated, but it is often considered as a dividing line between or belonging to both the Lower Northeast section of Philadelphia and North Philadelphia. It is generally considered part of the Philadelphia River Wards. Modern Kensington is larger than the former Kensington District, and unlike Kensington District it does not include Fishtown. As with all neighborhoods in Philadelphia, the lack of any official designation means the boundaries of the area vary between sources and over time. Traditionally, Kensington is known for its large working class Irish Catholic community. Kensington was the location of the Philadelphia Nativist Riots in the 19th century.[2] Kensington is also the birthplace of the K&A Gang, (currently known as the Northeast Philly Irish Mob), an Irish American organized crime network. Originally, Kensington was also home to a large, and largely invisible, English American community. For example, the five Episcopal parishes in the neighborhood (Emmanuel, Free Church of St. John, Good Shepherd, St. Ambrose, St. Luke’s, and St. Nathanael’s) were founded by 19th century immigrants from England.

Along with Irish Americans, Kensington is also home to a large population of Hispanic Americans (mainly Puerto Ricans, Dominicans), African Americans, and Polish Americans. The neighborhood has also recently seen a large influx of young urban professionals and gentrification

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